Bound 2

I am bound for greatness. Days are just testament to make it all applicable – this heart is in which lies in us all.

This case in which makes me crawl, is such a spacious grip in which I am fatefully all in. I could fake it, but that is not in my pedigree. I am evidently, aching, but waiting to see you.

Your loving kindness.

Your hugs, I’ve sought miles with a blackened soul. They say no one cares, but how could they know? They don’t know all of the truth that I have to hold, and then mold, for my gold to turn into silver linens worth bold.



I love to see you smile on me. I hate to feel you frown on me. Things I do not know, nor do I wish to ever relent to. I am thankful.

How do I honor you? I sincerely, ask you.

I try to peer through these angles.

I don’t want to stick around to mingle.

I need to see life, more life, to feel you in my sphere.

My heart is yet rounded, but I can feel it squirming in this square.

If I can find bliss, I always owe it up to you. I do not show enough to you. I need to open up to you. I am scared to, but I am bold enough, its true…

[115] What dies doesn’t vanish. It stays here in the world,
transformed, dissolved, as parts of the world, and of you. Which are transformed in turn—without grumbling.

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