Piece together the broken floored labyrinths.

Speak in poems, but always know your path in which.

Desiring truth, and freedom.

Perspire the doom, and gloom, and feel peace within.

A fire is too warm, if it is entrenching my very own in indecency.

A piece of me heals, when.

I allow love to ease in.

Although they tried to hurt me, I still prayed.

With love, over them.

As I enjoyed my dinner with my best-friend, my girlfriend in which provides the very least of them, and so much more which is astounding I love her till I am aroused in the most peaceful win.

The mistakes I held on for too long or perhaps just enough, just enough for me to sow seeds up in.

I’m feasting on, I’m feasting in.

This dark snake in which tries to breathe up in.

But I am relieved when,

I wrote something that I can look back from long ago.

It’s like a long song ago,

That healed me then, and still does in a beautiful way that sets me up for a new day, giving me sleep, long enough to maybe sleep in dim…

Light, because I am honestly afraid of dark.

However, I am never afraid to stand up, when my feet are bent at the knees for me to breathe and see my hymns…

Give me the ability to stand upright.

Manifested, I am humble before my father.

In the bathtub, speaking to my God for hours.

But I aim to never be self righteous.

Stave off what is pious.

Make more of what is highest.

[111] The soul is illuminated by the recollection of deity.

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