The Dreamtime-Machine

The Dreamtime-Machine

How speedy is recovery. As I am up, up and away. Birds fly away to give me space, as I fly above the endeavors too deep enough to swim, I am not afraid to admit that.

I’ve made costly sins, too much for me to acquit that. But in my trust in my faith in Christ, I find it easy to dismiss that.

Dark times, I do not miss that. And, is it possible to achieve greatness without the elements of ether? I sure do greatly, wish that.

So many times, I would fit rhymes inside of a box, to equip that, but bear with me, leaving this cubicle – I sure cannot fix that. Scaring my loose tail, enough to tarnish my tale… I become lost in my Christ, instead, you know, where the heavens and glorious angels are relaxed because the battle is won, where everyone is in fun and peace is attained and where you can surely find bliss at.

This is that, revival slash impromptu, getting ready to set a new personal record.

The legacy and legend continues – death, time, and love; I promise to smile, rest and always promise to kiss that…

[108] We should remember that even Nature’s inadvertence has its own charm, it’s own attractiveness. The way loaves of bread split open on top in the oven; the ridges are just by-products of the baking, and yet pleasing, somehow: they rouse our appetite without knowing why. Or how ripe figs begin to burst. And olives on the point of falling: the shadow of decay gives them a peculiar beauty. Stalks of wheat bending under their own weight. The furrowed brow of the lion. Flecks of foam on the boar’s mouth. And other things. If you look at them in isolation there is nothing beautiful about them, and yet by supplementing nature they enrich it and draw us in. And anyone with a feeling for nature – a deeper sensitivity – will find it all gives pleasure. Even what seems inadvertent. He’ll find the jaws of love animals as beautiful as painted ones or sculptures. He’ll look calmly at the distinct beauty of old age in men, women, and at the loveliness of children. And other things like that will call out to him constantly – things unnoticeable by others. Things seem only by those at home with nature and it’s works.

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