October 24th

Stories I tell myself

rummage through my soul’s good health

Pieces of me attained

Brings me to moments of wealth

Dying in the sun

Rebirths to know my why

Ending up on this plane

I reached up to grab the sky

Worries would storm my nature

I have no where to escape to

Pouring my heart into poems

My mind isn’t so apt to erase you

The evil is pure but I don’t condone or promote it

I practice wholesome alchemy

To rest, restore, and heal hopeless

I hate to feel hopeless

That is a grim and sacred scare

It is a dim and sole

Spacious fear

Adoring my leaves I’ve grown with

Seeds are near to begin sprouting and showing

I see how my emotions are potent

And simply needs my simple doses of roses

Packing my bags on my back

I’m headed to heaven and to no longer that trap

I tapped into my inner resources

I’m always holding on to just that

[107] Not just that every day more of our life is used up and less and less of it is left, but this too: if we live longer, can we be sure our mind will still be up to understanding the world – to the contemplation that aims at divine and human knowledge? If our mind starts to wander, we’ll still go on breathing, go on eating, imagining things, feeling urges and so on. But getting the most out of ourselves, calculating where our duty lies, analyzing what we hear and see, deciding whether it’s time to call it quits – all things you need a healthy mind for… all those are gone. So we need to hurry. Not just because we move daily closer to death but also because our understanding – our grasp of the world – may be gone before we get there.

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