Contextual [99]

When I look at you I see a Goddess I do not know how to fully comprehend.

If I am floating on my bliss, and I am a perceived God amongst the many of them.

Then, us paired together is our secretive win.

They ask us what are our plans today?

And, we say – to flow with the wind.

Natural in our nature.

There is no need to pretend;

Indeed, because if love is a war,

Then I am, we are always worthy of a mere sin.

Besides, objects close in the mirror, are simply objective.

No need to contemplate – to complicate,

We are only human, who love to live to love.

The type of love, the kind, of love that need not bend.

We are water, and fire as well,

Overflowing, in power.

This cup runneth over – into the oceans and rivers, that are flowing into the abyss;

As the sands, are plentiful…

[99] Nature does not hurry, yet, everything is accomplished.

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