Time flies [5]

Moments of bliss,

still needs encouragement from the amounts of chaos that they placed on me.

I am built to last –

But my mind races on me.

Pronounced words,

failed to carry out smoothly by my athletic body.

I’m shot, and I am still able to carry out my actions calmly.

Although they judged me, and us.

My mind is blocked,

But still blessings flow, like the seeds that I sow.

Yet, jarring…

The waters sprinkle forth,

Like hot springs warmly.

Surely, I’m hot.

But my intentions are pure, and adoring.

And sure, I speak spotless game – I am not exactly scoring.

Thankfully, there is no need for a cot.

And I am especially forgiving, with all things considered – my lot.

My heart, will never stop, roaring. Soaring.

I know they wish moments, I’d drop.

Because I am too alluring, and alarming.

That’ll probably be never, because right now my soul and body rots.

And my stomach, feels butterflies and knots…

Tied up with a love, that was too pre-maturing.

Anyway, I’m not full of life.

I’m more-so full of pain, in which is vain.

And I wish to provide a drainage, through these poems and rhymes that provide a scheme.

I’m so high, a dream.

Nonexistent in this reality.

Floating on clouds, a sign, I’d need.

Until, I simply just followed the muse – the apparent disasters are catalyst.

This power trip is broken;

Because I walked out with a different sign, I dramatically, sigh with this vision.

I figure I disfigure my heart, and rebuild it’s prison.

This prism, is now cubical.

And in my eyes, you are still so perfectly beautiful.

How cynical;

I am to desire the woman of Babylon.

When I have a woman of paradise right in front of my lying eyes.

I left a life, to go into a void.

To save myself.

To scathe my health.

Emotional wealth;

I’ve stored a lot…

But where is my Doc?

My lungs are tired from breathing in poison that kills me ten times over.

Fitting in, is misery.

But I needed to do what I needed to do.

The pain, was too belittling.

Am I man in your eyes?

I never meant to make you cry, while I was not there to hold you.

Although, you are woman.

I had every intention to mold you.

Show you, how much you inspire me, and push me to be of the greatest of men.

Gender wars are going on,

And I planned to hold your hand as we shape our plan…

Inspiring others unlike Kim and ye.

But what can I say…

This pride is too antagonistic, and arrogant, and thus, God made his arrangement.

Placing me here alone, to focus on the objects in the mirror.

And, from my heart you can still see a murmur.

And it hurts but feels so good.

Because as I shine,

So do you.

When left with nothing,

What else to do?


Love highly, and still ever gently.

I still, I will, forever love you.

[4] Human life.

Duration: momentary. Nature: Changeable.Perception: dim. Condition of body: decaying. Soul: spinning around. Fortune: unpredictable. Lasting Fame: uncertain. Sum up: The body and it’s parts are a river, soul a dream and mist, life is warfare and a journey far from home, thus, lasting reputation is oblivion.

Then what can guide us?
Only Philosophy.

Which means making sure that the power within stays safe and free from assault, superior to pleasure and pain, doing nothing randomly or dishonestly and with imposture, not dependent on anyone else’s doing something or not doing it. And making sure that it accepts what happens and what it is dealt as coming from the same place it came from. And, above all, that it accepts death in a cheerful spirit, as nothing but the dissolution of the elements from which each living thing is composed. If it doesn’t hurt the individual elements to change continually into one another, why are people afraid of all of them changing and separating? It’s a natural thing. And nothing natural is evil.

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