Battles scars.

My mind was caged, in limiting beliefs.

I could not see.


Trapped in.


Crashed in.

I awoke to a darkness so frightening.

But strength within me, was as a bolt of lightening.

I pulled out and bled out.

I must have been sleeping with dreams that would scare loud.

Functioning in a manner, that desired to be seen.

My life was far from serene.

I gained what came from isolation.

A friend, a love, a team, otherwise, I was in such desolation.

However, I did not lack preparation.

I stacked, ever, cases…

Of strength, of fortitude, but yet, I was awfully cruel.

How could I torture myself in a pursuit of success?

I run so hard in place…

Never knowing that this life is no race, but a marathon of beauty and attainment.

My ambition was estranging,

Tangling my mind in a horrific banging.

Loud, thumps, of thoughts clashing, and yet reigning…

But now, Love is raining, after years of storms.

My purple medal is worn, acknowledged by the spirit within.

I am never afraid, of being alone.

I will never face a darkness like that again, a battle of my broken mind.

I am healed and it seems that all is fine.