Poetry written with wine stained breath.
If red bled from my wrist, it would be a wine stained death.

I write until my soul is bare and there is nothing much left.

I fall out to the symphony of your lyrics and sounds.
I stand astounded, as I always want you around.

You accept me and you embrace me and my clear depth.

I stand profound, as I look at you in my perception…

And I’m near blessed.
I love you.

And I feel that I am higher with you.
I want you.

But I fear stress.

I’ve been through.
A lot of pain and misery.
I wonder how I still stand.

But you are my partner, this love is pain and passion.
I’ve understood more since you came into my life…
And for once I feel that I can grasp this.

I feel that we can go farther,
With mighty clear steps.

This life of darkness, this life of sin.
This life left me heartless, this life left me dim.

But I feel again, I feel…
It is a miracle I think, I am allowing red wine spills…

Onto this blank sheet, of redemption and triumph.

This life can be lonely, but we are here and it feels homely.

I’ll hold you,
You hold me.

And we shall love, with all hopes of growing.

Let us levitate.
Let’s elevate.

For heavens sake, you are my soulmate.
And I think that we can hold stakes, in heaven’s bank.

We can go straight and onward, why steer left.

My stare is set.
I see you and only you;
My, we are blessed…

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