You lurk in me.

The words in me,

Is fervently;

The search in me,

I find in you.

If you search in me;

The words will say,

I love you.


I refurbish me.

To show you me,

I’m working deep.

Spiritual work,

I’ve constantly,

searched and reaped —

So here you are,

My Queen and Star…

My passion, will never die.

My baskets, will fill on high.

These roses, these poems is,

So potent, I know this…

So many days I’ve gone with,

Just my soul, absurdity, masking my pride.

But with you baby, I reach a high.

I’ve said Good bye, to the man before.

He is dead.

Absurdity is gone.

I face my dread.

And I’m standing strong.

You pulled me up, I’ve hung on long.

Romance, we will know it deep.

I’ve swam, I’ve drowned ocean deep.

I inhaled the smoke, so potently.

So lost in crowds.

I’ve been.

But I fight in style.

I win.

You are my cloud.

In love, we are flying.

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