I want to reach the branch that dangles above, above our crowns.

I want to see your hand, in which has my heart so I can match with yours and hold it down.

Us two, we are a force.

Undo, all that we have endured —

And we would not be the reservoir of strength that is surely ours.

Want to kiss you and be your man, forever.

Want to miss you when our plans are not together.

Want to know your pain and flaws, that they are kept sacred to me.

Want to know your rage, and source, sadness and happiness that dimly lingers.

I want to thank you, for wakening me;

A thing of pure bliss.

Want to know your excitement and passion inside and out.

I want to know everything that you are specifically about —

You and my Queen and I am your King, and there is no doubt —

That the rain will storm, but we know our droughts.

So whatever element we find ourselves in,

Our arms, our bodies — we’ll hide ourselves in.

Then, we will reach for the dangling stars once more.

We will climb our Rushmore.

And we will paint our allure,

Poetic and driven life.

If this is love, then this is nice.

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