Battles scars. My mind was caged, in limiting beliefs. I could not see. Blackness. Trapped in. Glasses... Crashed in. I awoke to a darkness so frightening. But strength within me, was as a bolt of lightening. I pulled out and bled out. I must have been sleeping with dreams that would scare loud. Functioning in … Continue reading 162.


Imagery of us. You are my rose, and I am your lotus. Visually of us; We are life’s potencies. When the sun beams down, we symbolize greater possibilities. Growth under the heat, and rebirth through hostility. We are a pair, as it appears that we are most willingly... Following God’s plan, and achieving life’s mysteries … Continue reading 161.


Poetry written with wine stained breath.If red bled from my wrist, it would be a wine stained death. I write until my soul is bare and there is nothing much left. I fall out to the symphony of your lyrics and sounds.I stand astounded, as I always want you around. You accept me and you … Continue reading 159.


With every day that passes,I grow closer to my demons. For every wave that crashes,I find another soulful reason. To love with dignity, and respect for myself —Culture and higher values. Conquering myself, and learning how to. Since I’ve met you, my world has opened up to more purpose.I needed a real woman in my … Continue reading 158.


You’re good for my health like minerals.If love is the goal;Then we’re pinnacle. When I text you I keep my inner cool;And I express what is best from a vision pool. At times me and life can be cynical.I can get negative or be very whimsical.But I always come back to my purity that’s divisional. … Continue reading 153.